Aseptic pigging system

This construction is suitable for recovery of sensitive fluids requiring bacteriologic cleaning between 2 production runs. 

This version enables on-line sterilizing operations. Its design meets standards ISO14159 and EN1672-2 (bend radius, thermal compressions and expansions), optimizing the sterilization and the draining.

  • Low energy requirements
  • Low maintenance and operating cost 
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Big reduction of effluent volumes 
  • Reduction of the cleaning cycle times,
  • Hygienic Construction, SIP,
  • Sterile barrier or continuous cleaning of actuator rods

Technical characteristics:

  • Clear or viscous liquids with markers 
  • DN25 to  DN150 
  • For SMS, BSOD, DIN11850, ISO pipework
  • Standard operating pressure: 10 bars 
  • Operating pressure can be up to 20 bars