Breathing valves

The process and rate of manufacture can evolve, in its entirety or in part, without changing the preparation, 

transfer and storage equipment.  

To maintain the sterility or safety of their contents, tanks cannot be directly connected to the atmosphere. 

Being subject to variations in level during the filling, dispensing and washing phases, they must therefore be equipped with breather valves. 

  • Wide flow cross-section and performance guarantee. 
  • Ease of installation 
  • Ability to develop the construction 
  • Low maintenance frequency 
  • Ease of cleaning 
  • Inerting, CIP, SIP, 
  • Pressure/vacuum 
  • Construction suitable for thermal shocks
  • Open or collectable exhaust, 
  • Possibility of opening detection, cleaning at the valves, heating, anti-insect grill
  • Minimum calibration of -2 mb and +30 mb 
  • DN50 to 300 
  • Assembly delivered tested and proven, with calibration certificate