Pigging system

At the end of each production, the pipework contains residual volumes of manufactured product 

which are lost and this makes long, costly and inefficient cleaning cycles compulsory. 

Pigging allows these volumes, which are often under-estimated, to be recovered and sold

  •  Rapid return on investment
  • Strong reduction in effluent volumes 
  • Productivity increases 
  • Decrease in cleaning cycle times 
  • Improved traceability 

Perfect recovery of residual fluids (liquids, viscous fluids and fluids with markers) 
Equipment and constructions tailored to the customer's use, from DN 12 to DN 300, 
Hygienic, CIP, SIP, 
Low energy requirements
Low maintenance and operation costs 
Fully engineered systems possible: 

  • study of functional analyses
  • drafting the pipework specifications
  • commissioning and user training.