Capacitive sampling valve

In order to guarantee product traceability and quality, we have developed a complete range of capacitive ball valves that meet the requirements of the chemical, petrochemical, cosmetics, sugar refining, nuclear and asphalt industries. 

Front-flush assembly as near as possible to the sampling zone eliminates retention zones. 

This valve, turning 180°, guarantees the operator’s safety.

Constantly monitoring industries’ evolution, we develop and innovate in order to best meet their changing requirements.

Technical characteristics:

  • Clear or viscous liquids or liquids with low solids charge
  • DN15 to 150 on horizontal or vertical pipework
  • Sampling volume 15, 30, 50 or 100cc
  • Connector SW, BW, Flanges PN16, PN20, PN40.
  • Steel construction , 316L,  304L, Uranus B6,  ALLOY C2000, Sampling outlet for bottles according to customer standards (DIN 28 to 52, GL45,…) 
  • Manual or motor-driven construction 
  • Product outlet shut-off valve.
  • Bottle shut-off valve. 
  • Thermal jacket for solidifying liquids.
  • Glove box incorporated for hazardous fluids.
  • Isothermal bottle holder for hot fluids.
  • Limiter of the number of operations for sampling volumes in excess of the volume of the sphere.