3 ways valve

In order to optimize the circulation of the fluids to the different utilization points, 3-way distribution or by-pass valves may be necessary. 

Scrapable, they favor the recovery of the product and limit retention zones. 

Turning 90° or 180°, they are quick and economical to install

Technical characteristics:

  • 90° “L-shape” construction 
  •  2 or 3 position “T-shape” construction
  • Suitable for hot fluids, liquids, viscous or with markers. 
  • DN25 to  DN150  
  • for SMS, BSOD, DIN11850, ISO pipework
  • Standard operating pressure 10 bars 
  • Operating pressure can be up to 20 bars
  • Manual or motor-driven construction 
  • Actuator plate ISO5211