The expertise of
designer and manufacturer

Our focus is on optimization of production costs, quality control and environmental standards. ABSCISSE offers solutions for reducing effluent, optimizing line cleaning, making processes secure and increasing the versatility of production lines.

Our solutions

With a strong reputation, since 1994 ABSCISSE has been designing and manufacturing complete systems and individual pieces of equipment for both liquid and viscous fluids, for:

  • Pigging system
  • Sampling
  • Filtration
  • Safety valves

Our team, which has been trained to meet the requirements of the market, provides effective and durable solutions for the various processes of our industrial customers:

  • Chemical, petrochemical
  • Agri-food,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

As the prime contractor for all the products that it manufactures, ABSCISSE offers a range of standardized products as well as custom built equipment that meets needs of its customers.

The acquisition of ABSCISSE manufacturing equipment provides the promise of:

  • European design and manufacture
  • monitoring and control of quality
  • assured traceability
  • a quick return on investment
  • ergonomic equipment
  • optimized design to limit retention points and cleaning time
  • safety of operations and users
  • an innovative package, tailored to your production needs

Our equipment complies with the requirements of standards:

A modern high-performance production plant:

Since 2013, our new production plant, including workshops for machining, welding and boiler making, has provided a new manufacturing resource for our range, as well as for the development of new equipment.

Reliability, traceability and compliance with standards:

With a new MPM, coupled to a system of quality assurance and a network of local approved subcontractors, ABSCISSE guarantees traceability and the compatibility of its products to your applications and your reference system.

An international presence:

Considered as an indispensable player in France and Europe, ABSCISSE is strengthening its presence among customers and integrators in Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic and on all 5 continents.